Opy Health is the health care investment arm of IG4 Capital. We are a platform of infrastructure assets and services in the health care sector in Brazil. Our main focus is on public-private partnerships (PPPs) and the establishment of business models with private agents.


Opy Health focuses on three areas:


Management of hospital assets in partnership with the government, through concession contracts for the provision of non-medical services. Public authorities prioritize the management of SUS and health care services. OPY Health is responsible for providing non-medical services (maintenance, logistics, cleaning, security, reception, food, laundry, and digitalization, among others), technology and back office services.

Private asset management

Private health care assets, by providing investment capacity, expansion and operational efficiency in the management of infrastructure and non-medical services, effectively allowing the partner to focus its efforts on clinical management.

New Business

Investments, partnerships and acquisitions in new businesses related to medical technology and other niche opportunities in the health care sector.


As an authentically Brazilian company, Opy Health sought inspiration from the roots of indigenous culture to create its identity. Opy is a sacred place for the Guarani, a prayer house where all the shaman's rituals take place. It is a place of healing and problem solving, where people feel cared for - everything we aspire to be.