26 May, 2020

Novo Metropolitano
Concessionaire is now
ONM Health

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After acquisition by Opy Health, Novo Metropolitano S/A Concessionaire announces new brand

ONM Health is the new identity of the concessionaire behind Dr. Célio de Castro Metropolitan Hospital (Belo Horizonte)

Opy Health, a healthcare investment division of IG4 Capital, announces a change to the brand of Novo Metropolitano S/A concessionaire, in charge of providing administrative and operational support in non-medical services to Dr. Célio de Castro Metropolitan Hospital (HMDCC), in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Shareholder of 100 percent of the concessionaire shares since April 2020, Opy Health started its onboarding and brand change process through the creation of ONM Health.

With ONM Health brand, Opy Health will transfer all institutional attributes, excellence, quality, efficiency and social responsibility to its operation in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. The new brand also brings the typesetting, colors and design of the institutional brand.

“As an asset of Opy Health, ONM Health’s main goal is to consolidate the principles of effective management, providing excellent hospital infrastructure so that HMDCC’s medical staff channels their efforts into ensuring better healthcare to patients. With ONM Health, we want to show that we can change the quality of healthcare in Brazil by making strategic investments and offering effective operational management”, explains Otávio Silveira, Opy Health CEO.

The brand change is part of Opy Health’s plan for development and evolution of all its assets. One of the improvements planned by ONM Health for Dr. Célio de Castro Metropolitan Hospital is creating fully automated satellite pharmacies. This will allow greater control, in addition to safer management and internal logistics in drug distribution. The whole process will be integrated and digitalized, from incoming drug products in the warehouse to hospital rooms, ICU or surgical center, so that patients receive the right medication or supply at the right time.

“The new ONM Health brand mirrors Opy Novo Metropolitano because we want to boost the public health actions the concessionaire had already been taking in Belo Horizonte and take them a step further”, explains Alan Brener, ONM Health CEO.

With the new brand, HMDCC concessionaire will have a new website and the entire communication and positioning strategy with stakeholders will be integrated. For more information and to learn more about the proposal and services provided by ONM Health, visit