Opy Health improves its governance practices and has a new Integrity Hotline

In addition to restating its commitment to ethics throughout its activities and interactions, Opy Health’s Integrity Hotline is yet another improvement in the corporate governance practices of the Company. The purpose of the Hotline is to provide a safe and effective process to communicate conducts that may be detrimental to Company business, avoiding unpleasant surprises and allowing Management to act preventively.

“We value integrity and transparency, and the Hotline will help us emphasize the importance of having direct dialogue with those who contribute to our mission of providing excellent healthcare infrastructure. The vision of our stakeholders is key to improving both our work environment and our interaction with the general public. This is the context behind the announcement of our new Hotline”, says Otávio Silveira, CEO of Opy Health.

Operated by an independent service provider, Opy Health Integrity Hotline is available 24/7, either at https://canalconfidencial.com.br/opyhealth/_ or by calling 0800 792 1001. The platform is available to everyone in the organization, and also to partners, suppliers and any other user of our services. It is an important indicator of leaders and employees’ commitment to the “Opy Health Way of Working”.

Opy Health Compliance & ESG Manager, Júlia Loureiro, explains that the Integrity Hotline is one of the main pillars in healthcare operation to detect and mitigate, among other things, risks associated with improper practices and practices that deviate from the Company’s principles and values. “The initiative restates to our stakeholders Opy Health’s commitment to the highest national and international governance standards”.

The Integrity Hotline also reflects a new possibility of collaborative and constructive dialogue within the organization. “It takes into consideration, above all, the support offered to employees and their safety and anonymity when communicating with Management”, says Opy Health Compliance & ESG Manager about the new Hotline.