28 April, 2021

Opy Health restates its commitment to ethics and transparency and creates an Integrity Department

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Opy Health announces the creation of its Integrity Department to restate the Company’s commitment to ethics throughout its activities and in the interaction with employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners. Senior management endorses the initiative, which is aimed at strengthening corporate governance practices to reinforce the Company’s commitment to transparency, professionalism, and integrity. These values have guided the Company since its foundation.

“This step is important for Opy Health because it is in line with the ongoing implementation of the best market practices that ensure solid governance, in Brazil and abroad. The initiative marks the Company’s first anniversary and emphasizes to our stakeholders the relevance of compliance and corporate ethics in our daily activities”, says Otávio Silveira, CEO of Opy Health.

Silveira also talked about the importance of the initiative to the healthcare sector. “Promoting integrity and transparency is a fundamental pillar for our performance in the Brazilian market, especially in the healthcare sector, which is facing a historical difficult moment. For this reason, I reinforce the Company’s commitment to meeting the highest ethical standards, with the use of fair and responsible practices”.

The Integrity Department will support corporate ethics practices that had already been in place at the Company, ensuring better governance, and implementing policies and procedures in consonance with the best international practices, applicable laws, regulations, and standards, and supporting the growth of the Brazilian healthcare market.

Júlia Loureiro, the new Opy Health Compliance & ESG Manager, endorses this strategy and says that “Our performance will always be guided by integrity, and we will always advocate for the interests of our employees, business partners, and investors. The Integrity Department will defend our “Opy Health Way of Working”, a principle led by our attentive management, which is ready to successfully face the challenges of the sector”.

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