Opy Health’s CEO will be interviewed live on July 16 by Grupo Mídia

Opy Health’s CEO will attend “One Decade Influencing Healthcare”, a series of live interviews, on July 16, hosted by Grupo Mídia

The series brings interviews with personalities nominated to “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare Over the Decade” award, to which Otávio Silveira is one of the nominees;

Voting will run until July 30 on Grupo Mídia’s website

Otávio Silveira, Opy Health’s CEO, will attend Grupo Mídia’s series of live interviews with the most prominent individuals in the Brazilian healthcare sector. The series will be held next Thursday, July 16. Entitled “One Decade Influencing Healthcare”, the series of interviews addresses major topics that have shaped the sector over the last ten years, as well as the professional journey of each guest. The event is also a preview of “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare Over the Decade” award, hosted by Grupo Mídia. The award has been running since 2013 and acknowledges the most prominent personalities, their performance and contributions to the sector.

Otávio Silveira is one of the executives nominated to the award. Voting is now available on Healthcare Management’s website, a publication of Grupo Mídia. The live interview with Otávio Silveira will be streamed on July 16 on Healthcare Management’s website, as well as in Grupo Mídia’s social media.

“Being nominated for this important award is powerful and rewarding, mainly because prominent people in the sector have been honored over the years. Especially considering that I haven’t started my career in the healthcare sector, as well as the scenario where Opy Health emerged. Although it started operating during the new coronavirus pandemic, it has already added two important assets to its platform. In the interview, I will explain how Opy Health will keep on expanding its presence as well as contributing to improve the healthcare sector through the implementation of a new business model that will revolutionize the industry”, says Otávio Silveira.

“100 Most Influential People in Healthcare Over the Decade” award is expected to be held on November 30, at UnimedHall in the city of São Paulo. The 2019 ceremony was attended by 800 important names in the healthcare sector.


To watch the live interview with Otávio Silveira on July 16, visit the following channels:

Grupo Mídia Youtube channel

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Vote on www.100maisinfluentesdasaude.com.br.