25 May, 2020

Opy Health donates BRL 3.5 million and launches campaign to finance COVID-19 response

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Opy Health donates BRL 3.5 million and launches campaign to finance COVID-19 response

Donate Health campaign, in collaboration with civil society and the business sector, intends to raise BRL 7 million to acquire an online platform with medical care services and rapid diagnostic tests

In operation since March, Opy Health, a healthcare investment division of IG4 Capital, announces the campaign DONATE HEALTH – Make a difference for those who are making the difference. With an initial donation of BRL 3.5 million, Opy Health wants to join forces in the country to fight COVID-19 and help provide healthcare services to everyone. Therefore, DONATE Health aims to raise BRL 7 million over the next six months to invest in rapid diagnostic tests and in an online telemedicine platform, contributing to the new coronavirus pandemic response in Brazil. 

“Opy Health was created to help improve the quality of healthcare in Brazil and, as an operational management platform for non-medical services, it believes that civil society engagement and strategic investments can make a difference”, says Otávio Silveira, Opy Health CEO.

With the campaign, Opy Health expects to raise enough funds to purchase 10,000 COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests, approved and released by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). The main advantages of this type of test are user friendliness and the fact it can be performed by any health professional. Also, it can be used in Emergency Care Units (UPAs) because it does not require a laboratory structure, and it diagnoses the disease 10 minutes after blood sample analysis.

Initially, 5,000 tests have already been purchased and donated to Dr. Célio de Castro Metropolitan Hospital, in the state of Minas Gerais, and Hospital Delphina Rinaldi Abdel Aziz, in the state of Amazonas. Five thousand additional tests are expected to be delivered to public hospitals in Manaus and Belo Horizonte in the following weeks.

In addition, Opy Health also expects to strategically contribute to reducing the need for commuting to the hospital and reducing exposure to the new coronavirus by implementing TelaDoc Health, an online telemedicine platform that can serve up to 5 million people. Through TelaDoc Health, patients who have been diagnosed with or show symptoms of COVID-19, but do not require hospital admission and are isolated at home, can receive proper care. Also, COVID-19 patients who have been discharged can also be monitored remotely.

The campaign also wants to support the design of an online ecosystem dedicated to health professionals for training and experience sharing about the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, Donate Health wants to make Teadoc_Op available, an operating platform for the safe and smooth integration of more than 5,000 health professionals from different locations.

“With Donate Health, Opy Health wants to disseminate its expertise, which is providing resources such as technology, strategy and operational management so that the medical staff can channel their efforts into providing the best medical care to patients”, explains Silveira.

To make Donate Health – Make a difference for those who are making the difference campaign possible, Opy Health partnered with Charidy, a company specialized in raising donations from individuals and businesses, and Sitawi, a public interest non-governmental organization (OSCIP) specialized in philanthropic fund management. For a more transparent and legitimate initiative, Opy Health has also partnered with Move Social, a consultancy specialized in assessing the positive social impact of organizations, ecosystems, networks and alliances.

It is easy to participate, visit and choose the amount you want to donate. There are no predefined amounts. Any person or business can help. To access the Solidarity Index, a tool that counts donations in real time, visit


Donate Health – Make a difference for those who are making the difference

Campaign Period: May 15 through November

How to donate: